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Latest News – 08 January, 2021

Hi Everyone,

COVID Registration
Thank you to everyone for getting on board with the new process for COVID Registration at the club due to the new requirements from the Queensland Government.  As I mentioned at bowls yesterday, the changes are due to the Government now determining that a paper based system from registration is no longer valid and instead a QR code or other system is needed so that registrations are stored electronically.

Many people are already using the QR Code, but we know that not everyone has a smart phone or can read the QR Code.

For such cases, the club has acquired two tablets with which you will be able to do your registration.  One tablet is at the Games Office and the other tablet is at the bar.  Just ask for the tablet and you will be able to register.

Also, we have updated the Pelican Waters Bowls Club website with a link to the COVID Registration page.  Just link to and on the home page you will see the link to navigate to the COVID Registration page.

Just as a reminder, the club requires everybody coming to the club, be it to play bowls, to have a roll up, to do some volunteer work, or to have a meal and a drink, to register via the Registration Page.  

We know this change is a bit of a pain, but we thank you for your support and cooperation to make sure the club is complying with the requirements from the Queensland Government.

Strategic Plan and 5 Year Maintenance and Development Plan
The Board has recently completed the Strategic Plan and the 5 Year Maintenance and Development Plan.  Unfortunately it has taken a little longer to complete than originally planned and apologies for that, but it has now been loaded to the “Members” page on the Pelican Waters Bowls Club website.

Please feel free to have a read to see what the current board is working towards in this term, and how the current board is trying to position the club for future years.

Meat Test Tasters Wanted !
Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system developed to improve the supply of consistently high quality meat to the beef consumer.

MSA have contacted the club and will donate $1000 to the club if we are able to assist them to do taste testing of some meat samples and then to answer a questionnaire on the meat samples.

We need 60 volunteers (3 seatings of 20), to spend an hour at the club tasting the meat samples.  The date of the testing will be Monday 25 January.  Group 1 will begin at 10:00am. Group 2 at 11:00am and Group 3 at 12:00noon.  You will each sample 7 pieces of meat.  MSA request that you do not consume any alcohol while doing the taste testing.

Denise will provide a sheet on the members’ board for you to write your name/s in the group that you wish to be in.

Please get behind this for the club. There is not much for anyone to do to receive $1000 for our club.

Containers for Change
The Containers for Change scheme continues to bring it much appreciated donations to the club. Thanks to everybody who brings in cans and bottles and to the small band of members who take the bottles and cans to the facility each week or two. 

Peter Finch has asked me to send you a quick photo of containers that can be included in the recycle that some members may not be aware of.  Also just a reminder that wine, spirit, milk and juice bottles are not accepted.  (I assume that means the large juice bottles, not the little ones as per the photo).

Membership Fees
A final reminder that 2020 membership expired at the end of the year and 2021 membership fees are now past due.

One last call out that if you still want to be a member of the club and have either forgotten to renew your membership fees or haven’t yet been able to pay the fees, it would be very much appreciated if you could please pay your fees in the next few days.

Membership fees for 2021 are $120 for Full Members or $40 for Non-Declared Membership. Non-Declared Members must provide evidence of payment of Affiliation Fees at their declared club.

You may pay your Fees at the club directly, or if you like, by direct payment into the club’s bank account.  Please be sure to include your surname and club membership number in your payment details so we can track your payment.
Details :  Bank of Queensland  BSB 124038          Account No 10341506

Please contact the membership secretary on if you have any questions.

Repair Cafe
Dorothy Gillingham has asked me to let everyone know that the first Repair Cafe will be on Saturday 30 January, 9.30am – 12.00pm at the Caloundra Community Centre, 58 Queen Street, Caloundra.  If you have any items that need mending, feel free to take them to the Repair Cafe.

Sponsor of the Month – Pinnell’s Gourmet Meats
Brad and Sarah from Pinnell’s Gourmet Meats have been great supporters of the club and we’d like to thank them very much.

Pinnell’s Gourmet Meats specialises in only the best quality meats sourced from Tasmania, Victoria and Goondiwindi.  They offer a wide range of products as well as catering for gluten free.  Pinnell’s also offers free range pork and chicken along with a selection of quality condiments.

Brad has been butchering for more than 40 years.  His experience is second to none and he prides himself on offering great personal service.  Brad will not sell anything that he wouldn’t eat himself.  

The next time you are looking great tasting, quality meat, visit Brad and Sarah at Pinnell’s located at the Caloundra Village Shopping Village in Ornuz Avenue, Caloundra, call on them on 5491 3552 or visit their website

Social Distancing and other COVID Guidelines
The Club would like to remind all members to be mindful of social distancing when at the club and to follow all other guidelines relating to COVID safe practices. 

We please request:
– everybody who visits the club must register using the QR Code or via the Registration Web Page.  This includes people working as volunteers inside or outside the club, people having a roll up, and people who are playing a game at any of the clubs organised games.
– you maintain social distancing inside and outside the club
– you wash and sanitise your hands regularly
– you minimise physical contact
– you avoid touching other people’s bowls and other equipment
– you follow the other guidelines and safe practices as communicated by the Queensland Government.

Many thanks for your assistance.

The Board and Bowling Arms

Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s Grants Program


Pelican Waters Bowls Club