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General Weekly Information

Monday  3.00pm – Open 3 Bowl Nominated Pairs – Mufti
Tuesday 1.00pm – Men’s Nominated 3 bowl triples – Bowls Attire (12.30pm in winter)
Wednesday 1.00pm – Ladies’ Day – Club Selected – Bowls Attire (12.30pm in winter)
Thursday 8.45am – Open Nominated Pairs – Bowls Attire 1.00pm – Open Nominated Pairs – Bowls Attire (12.30pm in winter)
Friday 3.00pm – Open 3 Bowl Nominated Pairs – 16 ends – Mufti
Saturday 1.00pm – Open Nominated “Jackpot” Pairs – Mufti (12.30pm in winter)
Sunday 9.00am – Fortnightly – “Crack a Jack” – Mufti

Games start at 8.45 am and 1.00 pm in summer and 12.30 pm in winter unless otherwise stated.

Please check in at the Games Office at least 15 minutes before the game time.

Phone the Games Office on 07 5492 1032

Names accepted on Entry Sheets.

Check entry forms on outside Club Notice Boards for changes to Start Times.

Dress – Bowls attire unless otherwise stated.

Please continue to follow Social Distancing guidelines and other Covid-19 safe practices.


Pelican Waters Bowls Club