Pennants 2024

Conditions of Play – 25/03/2024.

Pennants 2023

Our Pennant WINNERS – Men’s Division 9 and Women’s Division 8.


  • Pelican Waters played in 1 Women’s division (Div 8) and 6 Men’s divisions (Div 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10),
  • 5 of the Men’s teams played in the semi finals on Sunday morning 24/9/23,
  • 2 of these won this game and played in the final in the afternoon and the Division 8 Women and Division 9 Men were placed first after the final round and played the winner of the morning game in the afternoon,
  • Both the Women’s Division 8 and the Men’s Division 9 played in the final and won these games and were winners of the Pennant for that Division and players were presented with Pins by a District representative after the game,
  • The Women won 51 to 36 over a valiant Palmwoods team at Caloundra,
  • The Men won 49 to 39 over a very strong Headland Pacific team at Maleny,
  • The Men’s Division 1 team played at Pelican Waters and was narrowly beaten by Kawana in the morning and that team eventually went on to win the final,
  • The Men’s Division 4 team played at Mooloolaba and beat the home side in the morning however the team was narrowly beaten by 2 shots by a very strong Palmwoods team,
  • The Men’s Division 7 team played at Woombye and lost to Buderim in the morning and Buderim won this Division after an extra end had to be played to determine the winner of the final in the afternoon,
  • The Men’s Division 8 team played at Waves and had a good win over one Maroochydore team in the morning but were beaten by the other Maroochydore team in this Division in the afternoon,
  • The Men’s Division 10 team played at Maleny and were narrowly beaten by Maleny in the morning and then Maleny won again in the afternoon.

Some “interesting” Pelican Waters facts for the 2023 season:

  • There were 10 women and 70 men that played in one more games across the Divisions during the 9 week season,
  • Both the Women and Men’s selectors met at least once a week to select the teams for each week and did an outstanding job to qualify players for the finals, balance players availability and give all players an opportunity to represent their Club,
  • Pelican Waters had at least 2 Divisions playing at home each week and the Club provided umpires at these games (and a special thanks to the umpires for your assistance during the season especially at the Division 1 Finals at Pelican),
  • Teams travelled as far north as Tewantin Noosa and up to Maleny with our players regularly visiting Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Headland Pacific, Kawana, Coolum, Nambour Heights, Buderim, Yandina and Waves across the Divisions,
  • Each team had a Manager that assisted with the required paperwork to organise players and record scores,
  • This season saw a large number of new bowlers playing pennant for the first time.  These players benefited greatly from playing with Pelican team mates in this team format against other Club’s players at different venues.

Pennants 2022

The Men’s Division 8 team have done it!  They won the Pennant in a dominant display against Yandina at Yandina.  The score was 54 – 23.  What a fantastic result and congratulations to everyone who played Division 8 throughout the season.

Well it was not quite the result we hoped for on the final weekend for the the Men’s Division 4 and Division 6 teams.

Both the Men’s Division 4 and Division 6 went down in the semi-finals in the morning, meaning they didn’t progress to the Final in the afternoon unfortunately.  Both divisions lost to Kawana teams who went on to become the eventual champions.  So while a disappointing result on the day, it was a great effort to get into the semi-finals to begin with and everybody should be very proud of their efforts.

Semi-Final Results
Men Division 4 v Kawana @ Kawana – Loss 37 – 74
Men Division 6 v Kawana @ Kawana – Loss 36 – 38

Summary of the 2022 Season
Ladies Division 3 – finished 4th overall and played great bowls every week
Ladies Division 7 – finished 3rd overall and proudly represented our club
Men Division 1 – finished 5th overall and will stay in Div 1 in 2023
Men Division 4 – finished 3rd overall and made it to the semi-final
Men Division 6 – finished 2rd overall and made it to the semi-final
Men Division 8 – finished 1st overall and won the final making them Champions!

We look forward to 2023 and a great campaign in the Great 8s and the Pennant season.

Pennant 2021

The 2021 Pennant Season was a great season.  

Ladies’ Division 5 – were just one win short of winning the flag.
Men’s Division 7 – finished 3rd after the home and away games and progressed to the Semi-final, won the Semi-final, progressed to the Final, WON the Final and brought home the flag!!!! Top effort fellas!
Men’s Division 6 – finished 2nd after the home and away games and progressed to the Semi-final but unfortunately did not make it to the Final.
Men’s Division 3 – finished 3rd after the home and away games and progressed to the Semi-final but unfortunately did not make it to the Final.
Men’s Division 1 – finished 3rd after the home and away games and progressed to the Semi-final but unfortunately did not make it to the Final.

Congratulations to all players and to everyone involved in the organisation and management of the sides.


Pennant teams

NOTE the following: –

Approved Club Dress MUST be worn:- Club Dress may include any of the following: (1) white or cream traditional bowls sportswear; (2) shirt/blouse in approved Club colours and design with white, cream, maroon or royal blue shorts/trousers/skirt/skorts. All players shall wear approved flat-soled footwear on the greens. Team Dress shall require each member of the team to be attired uniformly and for the attire to carry the BA Logo in accordance with the Bowls Australia National Logo Policy. Team Dress is required for all Pennant and higher level Bowls Authority events.

Law 12 – Position of players:

12.1   In relation to the rink of play

12.1.1 Players at the mat-end of the rink who are not delivering a bowl must stand at least 1 metre behind the mat.

12.1.2 Players at the head-end of the rink and who are not controlling play must stand: behind the jack if they are members of the team which is in possession of the rink; behind the jack and away from the head if they are members of the team which is NOT in possession of the rink; on the surrounds of the green if the jack is in the ditch; or well clear of the head if it is not possible to stand on the surrounds.

12.1.3 As soon as a bowl is delivered, a player who is controlling play from a position that is either level with or in front of the jack, must take their position as described in law   12.1.2.

12.1.4 If a player does not meet the terms of this law, law 13 will apply.

Law 13 Possession of the rink:

13.1 Possession of the rink will belong to the player or team whose bowl is being played.

13.2 As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest.

13.3 If the umpire, either by their own observation or on appeal by one of the skips or opponents in Singles, decides that the players in possession of the rink are being interfered with, annoyed or distracted in any way by their opponents,

13.3.1 the first time this happens the umpire must: warn the offending player, while the skip is present; and tell the coach, if they are present, that the player has received a warning.

13.3.2 on each occasion after this, the umpire must have the bowl last played by the offending player or team declared dead. If that bowl has disturbed the head, the opponent must choose whether to: replace the head; leave the head as altered; or declare the end dead.


Pelican Waters Bowls Club