BQ Hints for Markers

BREAKING NEWS – new laws  37.1.3 and have been rescinded.

The management & staff look forward to seeing YOU at our Club!

Non-members are MOST WELCOME to come for a roll-up particularly if you are visiting the Sunshine Coast.

We have the greens, the bowls and a friendly welcome – come and join us.

MondayOpen 3 Bowl Nominated Pairs – 16 ends – 3.00pm (2.30pm from 01 May)Mufti.
Tuesday Men’s Nominated Triples – 1.00pm (12.30pm from 01 May) – Bowls Attire.
WednesdayWomen’s Club Selected – 1.00pm (12.30pm from 01 May) – Bowls Attire.
ThursdayOpen Nominated Pairs – 9.30-11.30am – 2-4-2 format, single game 16 ends – Mufti.
Open Nominated Pairs – 1.00pm  (12.30pm from 01 May) – Bowls Attire.
FridayOpen 3 Bowl Nominated Pairs – 16 ends – 3.00pm (2.30pm from 01 May) – Mufti.
SaturdayOpen Nominated “Jackpot” Pairs – 1.00pm (12.30pm from 01 May) – Mufti.
SundayMore info coming soon.

Names accepted on entry Sheets or Phone 5492 1032. Dress is bowls attire or mufti unless otherwise stated. All are welcome

Games commence at the times stated above but please check in at the Games Office at least 15 minutes before the game time.

Great News: Pelican Waters Bowls Club was the 2022 SCDMBA Club of the Year and our MBA administration officer, Ian Heiner, was the 2022 bowls secretary of the year.

Check with the Club for any special events.

Click here for the symptoms & treatment of heat-related conditions. Click here for recommendations to avoid heat-related conditions.

The ‘New NORMAL’ – follow Social Distancing guidelines and other Covid-19 safe practices.


Pelican Waters Bowls Club