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Come on- Get Involved

Posted by Murray Small

Hi Everyone. Well how do you like the new Web page, better than the old bugger. Thanks Clive. Have you had a good look through it?, like the new Calendar?, is there enough detail?, colours OK?, if you are not sure how to use it , please let us know. What about the History, thanks to Snow (well actually Jack, but Snow is in there)?, do you think we should include the history of the Club’s first 25 years prepared by Ron Blackbourn?, do you have any old photos?. The Honour roll, now this is something new and still a W.I.P. Try it out by clicking on the Ladies’ “B” Singles, border OK?, colours?, Format and font OK?. Some new features we would appreciate your comments on. On-line booking, proposed for non Club members to book a game, or if you are going on holiday, book a game for when you return, what about a Blog?. Everyone can have their say on any subject, generate a conversation within members on something you feel is needed, or wrong at the club, the Board/MBA/LBA can put up proposals for all to access and comment on. Come on get involved, you can even make suggestions fro the comfort of your own room, just email to Men’s Bowling Arm


Pelican Waters Bowls Club